About Us

Back in 2008, we started VenorTech with a clear idea. We wanted to be really good at a few special things – finding top talent for Pricing, Commercial Excellence, and Go-To-Market teams. We didn’t just want to be another name in the business. We aimed to really know our stuff, adding valuable insights and knowledge for our network and our clients.

We want to be a known and trusted part of our industry. It’s about making strong connections and sharing what we know. The goal is simply to introduce the right people at just the right time, using our understanding of what candidates are good at, what they are looking for and what our clients really need in terms of skills and talent.

We're a small team, but that’s our strength. We're proud of our resilient and hands on approach. Every project receives the direct attention of our principals, ensuring a consistent and thorough engagement from start to finish.

When it comes to working with clients, it’s all about trust and building relationships that last. We're here for the long haul, building partnerships that aren’t just about the here and now but about growing and solving problems together.

Meet Our Team

Get to know our team members and their industry experience.

Joe Fleming Headshot
Joe Fleming
Principal - Pricing & Commercial Excellence

Joe has spent 18 years working in the Pricing industry. He has seen this niche function grow and evolve to become a central part of companies’ commercial strategy. Every conversation has taught him a little bit more and now he sees Pricing everywhere he goes. Just ask him about Usage Based Pricing in the software industry! At heart Joe just wants to do right by people and be known for doing a good job. Sometimes it doesn't need to be too complicated.

Ben Jackson Headshot
Ben Jackson
Principal - GTM

Ben has spent 18 years building sales, product and professional services teams for start ups and scale ups. He has seen it all from 18 stage interview processes to clients with really well oiled machines. He loves nothing more than working with a genuinely innovative technology company with a unique proposition to tell people about. Best part of the job for Ben is getting to peer behind the curtain, be one of the team and see how lots of different companies really work on the inside.