Hiring for Pricing: An Experienced Recruitment Partner With A Specialist Network

Pricing and commercial strategy are becoming increasingly important topics in enterprise companies as they look to increase profitability and remove the guesswork by implementing data-driven approaches and innovative pricing models. Our expertise helps these companies find the right leaders who can navigate complex commercial landscapes, making informed decisions which drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Pricing is not new – but hiring for it still is

Working with companies that are starting out on their pricing journey for the first time is nothing new to us. There are lots of challenges and pitfalls to getting this right.

Whether you're a family owned business with competing internal interests or a PE portfolio company where change management is going to make or break the project. We can help to steer you in the right direction.

We've been recruiting pricing professionals for over 15 years now, so have seen a lot of what does and doesn't work.

Where should pricing report?

Always a hotly debated topic, we've seen it report into just about everywhere. Whether this is product, sales, marketing, finance or operations can have a big influence on who you can attract, but probably not as much as the level it sits at – without influence at the top level change will be hard to come by.

How much should we be paying?

Few companies really know what they need to pay,  understanding the local market as well as the difference between strategic and tactical experience and what that costs is vital to getting this right. Starting with the wrong budget is a long road to failure. We can help here with expert guidance and benchmarking.

How long will it take to find the person?

The faster you move the faster we can move. We have templates for job descriptions, salary data for budgeting and a network cultivated for over 15 years that we can tap into instantly.

Specialised Roles in Pricing & Commercial Excellence

We offer a bespoke journey into the nuances of pricing and commercial excellence. We take on a small number of assignments at any given time, each involving in depth targeting for roles such as;

Head > Director > VP of Pricing

Head > Director > VP of Commercial Excellence

Analyst > Manager

Industry Success, Tailored to You

We have helped companies in Chemicals, Packaging, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and many other sectors to drive new commercial strategies which make an impact.

Our placement of a Pricing Manager significantly enhanced the company's pricing strategy. Leveraging their expertise, the Pricing Manager collaborated closely with sales and marketing teams to analyse market trends and customer behaviour.

They developed and implemented a bespoke pricing model, tailored to the industry’s needs. This approach not only streamlined pricing structures but also contributed to a more competitive market positioning. Their role underscored the importance of strategic pricing in driving business success.
Our placement of a Head of Pricing has brought big changes to the company's pricing strategy. This leader has skilfully steered the development and implementation of advanced pricing approaches, focusing on aligning pricing with the company's strategic objectives.

Through their expertise in price management and analytics, they have fostered cross-functional collaboration, ensuring cohesive pricing decisions and enhanced market competitiveness. Their impactful leadership in pricing has been a key driver in optimising the company’s revenue potential and strengthening its position in the competitive chemicals market.
Our placement of a Global Price Transformation Manager helped put pricing strategies at the heart of the company. This role involved leading transformative pricing projects worldwide, customising the Pricing Framework to meet diverse regional needs.

The professional we placed played a key role in developing and implementing best practices in pricing, demonstrating expertise in complex, global market dynamics. Their contribution has been vital in enhancing the firms pricing capabilities and achieving more effective pricing outcomes across its international operations.
Life Sciences
With this Global company we built a new Pricing team in US and UK covering several Pricing Managers and Analysts. They implemented new pricing strategies collaborating closely with Product and Marketing teams.

They overhauled the company's approach to internal and external data which allowed them to adopt new pricing models and drive value


"I've worked with Joe on and off for over 10 years at several different companies. He's helped me hire members of my team and my network's teams. Joe is one of the very best in the pricing recruiting space. I frequently recommend his services to my network when they are looking for pricing professionals."

Ian Tidswell

Co-Founder, IdealPrice

"I highly recommend VenorTech as a recruitment partner. They spent the time with us to completely understand our needs. We found the right candidate and VenorTech’s process made it highly efficient."

Leo Stevens

SVP Commercial Analytics

"Our sense was that you had an excellent network in the Pricing Excellence talent community. I knew I could work well with you and we’d find good candidates – which is exactly what happened! That was highly valued by me because I want us to really raise our level of skill when it comes to pricing excellence."

Maria Ciliberti

VP Marketing & New Business Development