Pricing Landscape & Discovery Tool

Discover the Software and Consulting companies that are powering pricing as a function

Uncover Insights with Our Pricing Discovery Tool

Back in 2014 we were asked to give a short presentation on "Recruiting Pricing Talent" at RMAPI (Revenue Management and Pricing International). We included a couple of simple slides covering the Consulting and Software marketplace, fast-forward to today (and several iterations later) and we have what you can see below – our most current landscape and discovery tool.

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This was born out of an internal resource that we realised could help our industry contacts easily identify who can provide them with pricing software and consulting services. It also meant we can highlight the areas we work in and keep track of how much the niche has grown. This means it's free, we only ask that you credit us if you use it commercially.


We are not trying to be Gartner or Forrester, we're recruiters not a research firm. The only qualifier is that you are part of the pricing ecosystem. We've also used as little jargon or proprietary marketing terms as possible. As the market evolves the landscape will too – please tell us who we're missing.

Use Cases
  • Job Search – we've found it's a great way to identify and target companies you might want to work for.
  • M&A – if you're looking to acquire or be acquired it can be a helpful starting point on who might be interesting.
  • Vendor due diligence – if you're in the market for a new software solution or consulting partner, make sure you know who's out there.
  • Your presentations – trying to explain what's going on out there, add it to your own slide deck.