Private Equity & Venture Capital

Strategic Talent Solutions for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms

We are experienced in helping private equity and venture capital companies to deliver new pricing, commercial strategy and GTM (sales and delivery) initiatives post-acquisition.

Our specialised expertise connects these PE/VC firms with a broad network of professionals, ensuring we find candidates with the right industry experience to maximise the success of their investment.

Our network's diversity allows us to meet different employment needs, offering both full-time and freelance options. This adaptability is key in the PE/VC sector, where talent requirements often vary with each investment phase and project goal.

Strategic Placements Driving Growth and Value in PE/VC Investments

Our journey in strategy consulting recruitment has seen us secure critical roles in world-renowned consulting firms as well as identifying industry focused candidates for specialised boutique firms. Our success spans a multitude of sectors, reflecting our deep experience in connecting talent with the right opportunities.

Pioneering in Packaging
For a market-leading company in the packaging sector, recently acquired by Brookfield, we successfully placed their first Pricing Manager. This strategic placement was instrumental in streamlining pricing strategies and played a significant role in the company's post-acquisition growth trajectory.
Scaling for Success
Our introduction to LeanIX through Iris Venture Capital marked the beginning of a pivotal collaboration. Over several years, we assisted in scaling their Go-To-Market teams in sales and pre-sales, a key factor in their rapid growth and eventual successful exit to SAP.
Expertise on Demand
With Carlyle Group, we placed a freelance pricing consultant who provided expert guidance to one of their textile manufacturing portfolio companies. The consultant's specialised knowledge in pricing enabled the company to optimise its pricing strategy, contributing significantly to its operational efficiency and market competitiveness.